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The Rum Diary

01. Volare (Nel blu di pinto di blu) [Download]

02. Rum diary [Download]

03. Suckfish and snake [Download]

04. Mother of balls [Download]

05. Chenault [Download]

06. Flagged me smiling [Download]

07. Pink Jelly remains [Download]

08. Rockin’ on rooster [Download]

09. Sweat bee [Download]

10. Cock-of-the-rock [Download]

11. Black note blues [Download]

12. My car the Cockroach [Download]

13. Neon popsicles [Download]

14. Hefti-Tefti [Download]

15. He must be a sadist [Download]

16. Puerto Rican Piss-off [Download]

17. Whacking a salesman [Download]

18. The biggest crook in New Jersey [Download]

19. Desperate drunks and postcard loons [Download]

20. The mermaid song (Instrumental) [Download]

21. What about El Monstruo [Download]

22. Roll out the roosters [Download]

23. Kemp in the village [Download]

24. The mermaid song [Download]

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