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Hachiko – A Dog’s Story Soundtrack

01. Japan [Download]

02. New Home [Download]

03. The Foot [Download]

04. Dance Rehersal [Download]

05. Storm And The Rescue [Download]

06. The Second Dance [Download]

07. Under The Fence [Download]

08. Treats From Cate [Download]

09. Parker’s Dance Played On Piano [Download]

10. Parker And Hachi Walk To The Station [Download]

11. Baby [Download]

12. Marriage Bath [Download]

13. Fetch [Download]

14. To Train Together [Download]

15. Packing Boxes [Download]

16. Parker And Hachi [Download]

17. Hachiko Runs Away [Download]

18. Memory Of The Storm [Download]

19. Hachi – Waiting For Parker Again [Download]

20. Hachi – Last Trip To The Station [Download]

21. Goodbye [Download]

22. Hachi, Parker And Cate & Memories [Download]

23. Hachi’s Voice (version 1) [Download]

24. Hachi’s Voice (version 2) [Download]

25. Hachi’s Voice (version 3) [Download]

26. Hachi’s Voice (version 4) [Download]

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